Maximise your athletic potential with a personal training programme that is custom-designed to address your concerns, reach your goals, around your schedule.

Triathlon Performance Solutions are purely focused on triathlon training.

They train people whether they are a triathlon novice or an elite athlete. They work with you to create a unique and personalised triathlon training program that will help you achieve your triathlon goals and get the most from yourself and your sport.

Their philosophy is to ensure you enjoy your triathlon training, remain focused on your goals and have fun along the way. They believe that every triathlete can benefit from the support, guidance and expertise of their Triathlon Training Plans.

All athletes are different, whether you are an Olympian or a novice, they offer a bespoke training schedule suited to your needs.

At Triathlon Performance Solutions they offer 2 levels of triathlon coaching programmes: Performance Plus and Performance Pro.

When you have met with your coach and talked about your triathlon goals they will deliver your triathlon training plan using TrainingPeaks™.

With TrainingPeaks™ you can add structure to your training programme. The online software allows you to set your goals, receive feedback from one of the Triathlon Performance Solution coaches, train smarter and track your results.

TrainingPeaks™ will store your triathlon coaching programme and send you reminders and alerts when its time to train. Once you have completed your workout you sync it with TrainingPeaks™ and your personal triathlon coach will monitor your training and progress every day. With constant monitoring your coach will make sure that any tweaks or adjustments are made so you can get the most of your next training session.

Their training plans have been specifically designed in this format to offer you a fun, interactive and convenient method of receiving top-level coaching and support.

For more details on how they work check out their How it Works page. This explains their approach to triathlon coaching.


Performance Plus Triathlon Coaching

This comprehensive training package is perfect for individuals who want a professional, structured training plan which has been custom-designed to help realise their athletic potential. With a targeted focus on your goal events, we will provide enhanced individual input, feedback, and support.


Performance Pro Triathlon Coaching

This inclusive package offers professional-level coaching and support. Including an expertly designed, comprehensive training plan which has been custom-created to maximise your athletic potential. An individually tailored, professionally developed 12 month plan structured to incorporate your racing and training goals, time commitments and personal strengths and weaknesses.


For more details on how they design, deliver, monitor and adjust their programmes contact one of their triathlon training coaches.

Triathlon Training Solutions also offer world class training camps throughout the year.

They have their Annual Triathlon Training Camp and The French Alps Triathlon Training Camp

Who are the Triathlon Performance Solutions coaches?

Ben Bright – British Triathlon Head Coach for GB Triathlon and Olympic Coach ( 2012, 2016), Ben draws on his experience as both a coach and a former Olympic triathlete (Sydney 2000) to offer a unique perspective in the art of coaching triathletes.

Nick Saunders – Nick is a former professional Ironman Triathlete, with a wealth of Top 10 professional results under his belt, including a Top 3 finish at Ironman UK in Bolton, 2011. He also competed twice as a professional in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.

Andy Brodziak  – Andy practices what he preaches: having competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in 2009 and 2011, he’s coached numerous age group athletes to Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Hawaii World Championships.

Alena Stevens – Alena is a successful long and middle distance professional triathlete and has raced internationally for many years with considerable success.

To contact Triathlon Performance Solutions please visit their website.