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Precision Hydration 250 (1 box)


Precision Hydration 250 is typically used as a background hydrator by all athletes and as a training solution for athletes with low sweat sodium losses. It’s also great for fighting dehydration when travelling. View your Personalised Hydration Plan, or take our free Sweat Test for your personalised recommendation on which strengths are right for you.

Each box contains 8 handy single-serving sachets. 1 sachet mixes into 500ml (16oz) of water.

Ingredients Sugar, Trisodium citrate, Citric acid anhydrous, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Potassium citrate, Natural flavouring, Calcium lactate gluconate, Magnesium citrate.

No Artificial Flavours – No Artificial Sweeteners – GMO Free – Vegetarian – Vegan – Dairy Free – Nothing you don’t need.

Precision Hydration 1000(1 box)


Precision Hydration 1000

Precision Hydration 1000 is typically used by athletes with average sweat sodium losses when competing, or by athletes with lower losses when exercising in extreme conditions.



Precision Hydration 1500(1 box)


Precision Hydration 1500 is packed full of electrolytes and is designed for athletes with high sweat sodium losses to use when competing, or for athletes with average sodium losses under more extreme conditions.



SweatSalt Capsules (Box of 15)


SweatSalts are for serious athletes who need to keep on top of their hydration when sweating heavily on the move.

Each capsule provides the key electrolytes lost in sweat and are designed to aid fluid absorption, whilst being easy on the stomach. The capsules are blister-packed, making them convenient for longer training sessions and events.

Each box contains 15 capsules. Take 1-2 SweatSalt capsules per hour with a few decent swigs of water during sweaty exercise. A higher dosage may be required for some people during extreme conditions. We don’t recommend taking more than 10 capsules per day.