Guerciotti Eclipse 64-14 Black and Yellow


Guerciotti Eclipse 64-14 Black and Yellow – Anniversary

Eclipse 64-14 represents the greatest frame in the Guerciotti collection.
The numbers 64 and 14 represent the celebratory years of this event: 1964 represents the year the company was founded and 2014, the year of its anniversary.



Guerciotti Eclipse 64-14 Black and Yellow

The numbers 64 and 14 represent the celebratory years of this event: 1964 represents the year the company was founded and 2014, the year of its anniversary.The numbers 64 and 14 remain to celebrate years of this event:1964 represents the year in which the company was founded and 2014, the year of its anniversary. This product encapsulates the essence of fifty years of history, experience, evolution and technology in the production of this Italian jewel. The creation of the Eclipse 64-14 has been an important collaboration with Bimota, a company whose heart lies in the production of motorcycles exclusively ‘Made in Italy’.

The goal of this collaboration was to share their knowledge, know how, experience and technologies in order to realise exclusive products. The Eclipse 64-14 was created using the same composite materials and production technologies which are used to create the Bimota jewels. The goal is to create more high-performing and exclusive products. Bicycles which are created to get the best performance in the races, as that of motorbikes.

This model is the first 100% monocoque frame produced by the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING. Eclipse 64-14 is made in one single mould, without joints, thanks to the under vacuum technology. The frameset is produced in autoclaves (reaching 6 bar) and using pre-pex on epoxy matrix.

The advantages of using this process, allows a higher compact structure in all the sections, reacting better to all situations presented when cycling. In addition, the frame becomes lighter. The entire production process is computerised which allows it to be verified and monitored at all times. The Carbon is produced by the market leader in its industry, Toray. The Carbon fibre used in the Eclipse product category are as follows: Toray 3K T3000J which permits tensile strength of 4500Mpa Toray UD M30S with tensile strength of 5500Mpa Toray Biassale T700G with tensile strength of 5000Mpa.

Eclipse 64-14 boasts the following features:

  • High resistance to the chipping, thanks to its outer fabric 3K Twill 200 gr Sqm HT
  • High longitudinal stiffness thanks to the use of UD 150gr sqm M30
  • High torsional stiffness thanks to the use of biassale fabric +/- 45° T700
  • Increased vibration dampening thanks to the kevlar/carbon fabric Twill 150 gr sqm
  • Higher resistance and reliability thanks to the use of a higher number of carbon skins (reaching seven) in all the critic areas like a headset tube and BB shell.

About Guerciotti

In 1964 Paolo Guerciotti founded the Guerciotti company in the heart of Milan.  It was located in a street close to Buenos Aires, one of the most important shopping streets of Milan.  Guerciotti is the most prominent bicycle brand in Milan.   It embodies the history (over 50 years of success), the tradition, the passion and the achievement of numerous goals thanks to the efforts and hard work of the Guerciotti team.


This embodies the R&D of Guerciotti including design and the realisation of all the high spec products within the range.   Conceptualised in 2011 this project has permitted Guerciotti to introduce a high specification product into the range with the Eclipse being the pinnacle thereof.   Previously, the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has focused on the production of a tube to tube high specification frameset.   The project has now expanded into the production of monocoque frames with one purpose in mind i.e. searching for new design and performance solutions which allows professionals and cycling enthusiasts to get a winning product.

Today the pinnacle of the product range include the Eclipse 64-14 and the Eureka SHM50.  All products conceptualised by the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING maintains Italian quality and design, use premium raw materials available in the market, innovative production technology and undergo rigorous testing and quality control.

In 2017 the Eureka DX50 was introduced into the Guerciotti portfolio with an aero design.  The Eureka showcases the most advanced technology.

Integrated Brakeset System:

This is a new system of brakeset, integrated in the frame and fork.  This system has been utilised in both the Eureka SHM50 and Eclipse TT.

Please note: This bike is made to order and is Black and Yellow. Delivery is Free and will take 5-7 days

Bike Details

Guerciotti Eclipse 64-14 - Black and Yellow

GroupsetSram Red Etap
PedalsTime Xpresso
SaddleSelle Italia Slr Flow
Seat PostDedaelementi Superleggero
StemDedaelementi Zero 100
HandlebarDedaelementi Zero 100
WheelsUrsus Miura TS37
TyresTubolari Vittoria Corsa Graphene
Bottle CageElite

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